Your baby wakes up after short naps?


Short naps? Irregular sleep cycles? Waking up at night?

  1. Short naps: Your baby doesn't sleep for long hours in one go. Or wakes up in the middle of sleep frequently?
  2. Irregular sleep cycle: Your baby doesn't follow a regular sleep cycle, and you need to put in. a lot of effort to make your baby sleep?
  3. Waking up at night: Your baby wakes up all of a sudden at night and starts crying?
We might have a solution just for you! Our product ensures the right amount of sleep for your baby, and of course, yourself in turn! Proven by over 30.000 customers worldwide.

Designed to mimic the natural environment of the mother`s womb

Wombambino, a German babycare brand, brings to you its flagship product 'Wombi' which is a closed sleeping bag designed to mimic the feeling of a mother's womb.

With the Wombi, your baby sleeps peacefully feeling comfortable and secure. 

Our customers around the world have witnessed a drastic difference in their baby's sleep patterns, before and after they got a Wombi. 
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...even more than just a normal sleeping bag


2-in-1: resistance & full freedom of movement

Our Wombi is a unique closed baby sleeping bag. The hands and feet are in a cover and thus modeled on the natural environment of the amniotic sac.

Keeps your baby cozy and warm

thanks to the wide design and stretchy fabrics. To support your baby's development and journey of discovery.

Full flexibility

Fold-over sleeves give you the opportunity to adapt the Wombi to any situation. This means your child can grab everything and pursue their natural urge to move.

No scratching, no rubbing

Closed hands protect against scratching and avoid rubbing your baby awake. The Wombi also keeps the baby pleasantly warm in the Indian winter.

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Get it at ₹1,990 for a limited time
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The 2-in-1 solution

Why wombi works much better than the options available on Amazon & Flipkart

Imagine how your baby`s sleep could look like

30.000+ customer have already experienced the significant changes in their baby`s sleep

For the first time in India

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For the first time in India

> 50%  OFF

Buy now for a limited time
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100% baby sleep guarantee

Better sleep of money back! If you don`t see any results after 30 days or don`t like our sleeping bag, we will refund 100%.

Absolute purchase recommendation for more peaceful sleep

I came across the Wombi through a sleep consultant on instagram. My child, who was 7 months old at the beginning, always slept very restlessly and pulled his own hair when breastfeeding. I then wanted to try out a second-hand Wombi to see if anything would change. And what can I say, he sleeps much more calmly in terms of movement and he can no longer pull his own hair because his hands are closed. We have ordered another one to change because I don't always want to blow-dry the freshly washed Wombi :D There is no night or daytime sleep at home without a Wombambino. When it's so hot, my now 11-month-old baby only sleeps with a diaper in the Wombi. I would definitely recommend the Wombi for my second child.


- Germany

The perfect solution to de-swaddle

I would and will buy it again and again. We were afraid of our daughter's first turn for a long time because we knew that the swaddling would have to stop from then on at the latest. We found out about the "Wombi" from our sleep consultant and simply tried it out. The little mouse had no problems and has only slept in the Wombi since then. (Unfortunately, a conventional sleeping bag didn't work for us and always ended with lots of tears and a child without sleep).


- Germany

The sleeping bag is really worth every penny

The sleeping bag is really worth every penny. Our son is a little "fiddler" and wakes himself up again and again. The sleeping bag prevents him from doing this, he settles down more quickly, falls asleep faster and sleeps for more hours at a time. We are very enthusiastic!


- Germany